Monday, 14 February 2011

Why Is Slow Weight Loss Better Than Fast Weight Loss?

Temptation to try fast weight loss diets is very high if you have been trying to shed weight for a long time. However I must say that taking a slow and steady approach to weight loss is much better than fast weight loss. What really makes fast diets ineffective in the long run is their inability to speed up your metabolism. Most diet plan that promise quick results, rely on water weight loss therefore you regain your weight very soon.

On the other hand taking a holistic approach to overall health takes care of your weight naturally. You will see some remarkable results if you focus on your overall health instead of your weight. In fact weight gain is a result of your poor internal health. Fixing your digestion, metabolism, liver functions and immune system will trigger your fat burning mechanism naturally.

Following are some valid reasons why slow weight loss is better than fast weight loss

Metabolism- Slow weight loss method speeds up your metabolism therefore you do not remain dependent on the ‘fast diet’. Moreover various other functions are regulated by your metabolism therefore you regain your overall health instead of shedding a few pounds.

No Nutrition Deficiency- Fast weight loss diets fortified with many ingredients that flush out nutrients from your body. Of course you lose some weight but often you end up disrupting your body’s nutrition balance which results in many other complications.

No Side Effects- Dehydration, lack of energy, fatigue and nausea are some of the side effects of fast weight loss formulas. A slow weight loss method saves you from these side effects.

No Expert Supervision is required – The moment you start suffering from above mentioned side effects, you need medical supervision. You must take expert advice while taking a fast weight loss diet anyway.  On the other hand you can lose weight slowly without worrying about medical supervision.

Cost- Fad diets are often expensive and unhealthy. You do not lose anything except your hard earned money.

Fast weight loss diet is effective only if it has been prescribed by qualified doctors or dietitians. Safety of these diets is very important therefore you must have yourself checked before trying them. Calorie controlled diet plans are good if your body responds to them without suffering from any side effects.



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